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Born to Speak & Inspire

If you want an engaging and insightful presentation to kick off or close your event, Susan is your choice. She delivers just the right amount of message and enthusiasm and provides the perfect presentation to balance the heavy or technical content at your conferences and meetings. Your audience will be uplifted, challenged, and will be inspired to apply the concept of sharing their expertise and pursuing excellence in their work and personal lives.

Susan has been speaking professionally since 2009 and has spoken to thousands of people in dozens of organizations. She delivers programs for all types of organizations and has significant experience with healthcare, accounting, colleges, universities, government, engineering, professional associations, and non-profits.

Susan is the author of a book and a training manual:

  • Aspire Higher
  • Your Journey to Excellence & Breakthrough Performance Trainer’s Manual
  • Susan is a contributing writer for BIZCATALYST 360

Susan’s Signature Keynote:

Connections: The Secrets of Powerful Networking

Turn your next conference into a networking goldmine for your attendees. Forming powerful professional relationships is the key to success. It’s true whether you are building a career or your business. Imagine having a network that allows you to get what you need when you need it. Imagine having friends and colleagues who count on you for your expertise and happily refer you, and whom you can confidently refer to others.  This keynote or breakout session gives your attendees the practical tools that will help them make the most of your event and beyond. Susan shares the Nine Principles that make networking so powerful with stories tailored to your attendees. They will evaluate where they are currently networking and come away with a new appreciation for the network they have, or a concrete plan for the network they need. Raises the bar for seasoned professionals. Profoundly important for those just starting out.

Other Popular Keynote Titles:

Aspire Higher: Get A Mentor, Be A Mentor

Getting ahead, even for the most talented, brilliant, educated and driven among us requires more than one helping hand along the way.  Having a business or career mentor can help you learn much faster than experience alone can do. And mentors rise higher and earn more than their colleagues who don’t. Learn how both sides of a mentoring partnership can rocket you to your goals.

Courage: It’s Not What You Think

So often we live out lives trying to avoid fear at all costs. But what if fear is exactly what we need to be truly courageous? Your audience will be surprised, inspired, laugh, and learn as Susan shares her personal relationship with her fears in this award-winning keynote.

Work-Life Harmony: Regain Your Sense of Control

Work-Life Balance is a myth. At any given moment, our work or personal commitments can spiral into the realm of overwhelmed, over-committed, or emergency after emergency. We can take steps to prepare for those times and create an overall harmony between our work and personal lives.

You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For

This inspiring presentation answers the questions of why people are so reluctant to step up to leadership roles, how to cultivate future leaders and attract, support and nurture the best and brightest. This program is perfect for executives, managers at all levels, professional associations, non-profits, and civic clubs.

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